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Oil Spill on Beach 50.jpg

The Spill

All Is Not Well & Other Unpleasant Realities (Courtesy of BP)

Robert McGee

For the past 28 years Robert McGee, a native of Clarksdale, Mississippi, has lived in Mobile, Alabama, where he works in a factory. He is married with two grown children. Collecting old books and writing poems are his favorite hobbies. He has a burgeoning appetite for history and art.

All is not well when the well blows up:

An oil rig can burn for days on end;

Then it can crumble and sink like a brick.

Accident and Negligence are not the same things.

Some people’s lives are expendable.

A blowout is not a leak.

A blowout preventer prevents nothing.

A relief well provides no relief.

Dispersants disperse oil.

Lots of dispersants disperse lots of oil.

Dispersants are toxic.

Solitude is an oily beach.

The equivalent of 207,000,000 gallonsIs

roughly 4,900,000 barrels.

A bird caked in crude can’t fly.

A CEO can hop on a plane with a $17,000,000 bonus.

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