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Join Emerald Coast Writers every Third Tuesday at 6:00 for our Speakers Series! 


Join us on Sunday, June 9th

3-4:30 pm

The Gordon Community

Arts Center

306 N DeVilliers St.


Listen to Poets, Authors

and Public Participants

read a 1-page piece.


High School Fiction

First– “Pages,” Isabella Ingalls, 10th Grade, Navarre High School

Second– “Every Ending Has a Beginning,” Madeline Bryant, 9th Grade, Pensacola Catholic High School   

Third– “The Power of Reading,” McKenna Hindman, 10th Grade Pensacola Catholic High   

Honorable Mention– “My Knight,” Olivia Carlson, 10th Grade, Pensacola Catholic High School.

High School Nonfiction

First– “An Open Book,” Ansley McLeod, 9th Grade, Central School

Second– “What Is Worth Your Life?” Gabby Fry 10th Grade, Homeschool–Cornerstone Cottage Academics Co-op   

Third– “Opening Up Through Music,” Madalyn Dudney, 10th Grade, Homeschool–Cornerstone Cottage Academics Co-op

Middle School Fiction

First– “The Unwritten Chapters,” Carson Wright, 7th Grade, Ransom Middle School   

Second– “Emily’s Promise,” Savannah Carlson, 7th Grade, Santa Rosa, Santa Rosa Online   

Third– “The Open Book,” Bentley Dudney, 6th Grade, Homeschool–Cornerstone Cottage Academics Co-op       

Honorable Mention–  “Akarum: Breath of Evil,” Bradley T. Barber 7th grade Homeschool–Cornerstone Cottage Academics Co-Op

Elementary Fiction

First– “A Miracle,” Holly Jackson 3rd grade, Episcopal Day School   

Second–  “The Lonely Girl,” Leilani Sturdifen, 2nd Grade, Oriole Beach Elementary   

Third– “Fantasia and the Magic Book of Spells,” Kayleigh Romans, 5th grade, Homeschool       Honorable Mention– “Lily’s Book Tree,” Rudosi Mohima, 1st Grade, N.B. Cook Elementary


High School Poetry

First– "Words and Souls,” Lilly Rafferty, 11th grade, Gulf Breeze High School   

Second– “Outside," Joshua Khan, 10th Grade, Gulf Breeze High School   

Third– "Parkinson's: A Not So Open Book," Melina Snyder, 11th grade, Pensacola Catholic High School       

Honorable Mention– "Bedtime Story – Sonnet," Sarah Miller, 9th Grade, Central High School

Middle School Poetry

First– “The Chapter Longing to be Unwritten,” Autumn Wilkinson 8th Grade, King Middle School   Second– “My Escape,” Kayla Fleury, 6th Grade, Homeschool       

Third– “Am I?” or “Yes, I Am,” A Companion Poem Jayla Barnett, 8th grade, Gulf Breeze Middle School

Elementary School Poetry

First– “Billions of Books,” Caroline Barger, 4th grade, N. B. Cook   

Second– “An Open Book,” Ian Brown, 4th grade, Homeschool   

Third– “Books Can Be,” Nolan Volheim, 4th grade, S. S. Dixon Intermediate School       

Honorable Mention– “If You’re Bored, Read a Book,” H M Isaac King, 4th grade, Escambia, N. B. Cook


High School Visual Arts

First– “Open Book, Open World,” Neely “Tobi” Gray, 11th Grade, Navarre High School   

Second– “Book of 100 Stories,” Olivia Jens, 10th Grade, Pensacola Catholic High       

Third– “A Timeless Gift,” Oleg Petrovets, 11th Grade, Gulf Breeze High School


Middle School Visual Arts

First– “Lost Library,” Alessandra Lemos, 7th Grade, Sims Middle School


Grades 3-5 Visual Arts

First– “The Book Tornado,” Kale Eaton, 4th Grade, West Navarre Intermediate   

Second– “Books Are a Wonderland,” Nola Mense, 5th Grade, Kingsfield Elementary   

Third– “Open Book, Open Mind,” Elijah "Wyatt" Cossich, 3rd grade, Wallace Lake K-8       

Honorable Mention– “Stuck in a Book,” Bronwyn Roach, 4th Grade, Homeschool


Grades K-2

First– “The Tale of Two Kitties,” Gabriel Skinner Wagner, 2nd Grade, Escambia County, N. B. Cook   

Second– “Living Book,” Egor Tsybulnikov, 2nd Grade, Gulf Breeze Elementary

Third– “Book of Space,” Lilly Buckles, 2nd Grade, Pine Meadow Elementary      

Honorable Mention– “Owl Shine” Alexandria Kludasch, 2nd Grade, S. S. Dixon Primary

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