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Volunteers Needed for Books By the Bay Festival

Tonya Dalhaus

Sep 12, 2023

Calling All Book Enthusiasts: Join Us as Festival Volunteers!

Dear Book Lovers and Community Enthusiasts,

We hope you’re brimming with excitement for the upcoming Books By The Bay on March 23, 2024. Our festival promises to be an epic celebration of literature, diverse local authors, and youth writers.


Just like a ship relies on the combined efforts of its crew to navigate the vast ocean, our Books By The Bay festival depends on the collective dedication and enthusiasm of our volunteers to chart a course to success. Together, we can ensure smooth sailing for this literary voyage and create waves of excitement throughout our community!


As a volunteer, you can contribute your time and talents in various areas critical to the festival's success: PRE-FESTIVAL VOLUNTEERS WILL GET A 20% DISCOUNT OFF THEIR FESTIVAL SPACE RENTAL.

•          Festival Supply Vendor Coordination: Assist in reaching out to festival supply vendors to ensure we have everything needed to create a fantastic festival atmosphere.

•          Grant Writing: Help our team in preparing grant applications for the upcoming October 6th deadline, as well as for Publix. Even if you don’t consider yourself an expert in grant writing, we could still use your help organizing and tracking information.

•          Sponsorship Procurement: Play a crucial role in securing sponsorships for the festival. Engage with potential sponsors and build lasting partnerships.

•          Social Media Content Creation: Use your creativity to curate engaging social media content that promotes the festival and keeps our audience informed and excited.

•          Voices Rental Coordination: Work closely with a UWF employee and/or the English Department to coordinate the rental of the Voices facility for festival multicultural speakers and themes.

•          Speaker Outreach: Connect with potential speakers who can contribute their insights and passion to our festival. Cultivate relationships with authors, industry experts, and other notable figures.

        IN PARTICULAR, IF YOU HAVE A PERSONAL RELATIONSHIP WITH ANY OF THE FOLLOWING CAN YOU PLEASE HELP US OUT:  Anna Stringfield, Carl Hiasson, Pat and Bob Gussin, Paula Lenor Webb, Lauren Groff,  Nancy Cohen, Colin Whitehead.


If any of these roles align with your skills and interests, we invite you to join our team of dedicated volunteers. Your support will not only help us create a memorable festival but also foster a love for literature within our community.

To express your interest or learn more about these volunteer opportunities, please contact the event chair: Tonya Dalhaus at


Thank you for considering becoming a part of the Books By The Bay family. Together, we can make a festival that leaves lasting memories in its wake.

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