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Every Picture Tells a Story Viewing Event

Tonya Dalhaus

Jul 16, 2023

Every Picture Tells a Story:Emerald Coast Writers and Wide Angle Photo Club Joint Event

JULY 15, PENSACOLA -- Members of Emerald Coast Writers can choose from 150 photos taken by members of the Wide Angle Photo Club to participate in the Every Picture Tells a Story contest. Writers are invited to select one photo from the album which inspires or prompts a short story, poem, haiku, narrative, flash fiction, or other short work, limited to 400 words.

Interested writers should visit the Wide Angle Photo Club Facebook group and join the group. To view the photos, select the Media tab, then Photos, then Albums, then Every Picture Tells a Story. Writers should mark in the comment section when they claim a photo. Writers must submit their written pieces to Tonya Dahlhaus no later than Aug. 11 deadline.

At an event to showcase the creations, photographers whose photos were chosen will have a print made, no smaller than 8x10. The winning writers will make a print of a suitable size based on word count, no smaller than 8x10. The combined works will then be shared at the 6 p.m., Sept. 11 monthly meeting of the Wide Angle Photo Club at Asbury Place, behind Cokesbury Methodist Church, 750 College Blvd., off 9th Ave. in Pensacola.

Prior to the Sept. 11 event, a panel of four judges comprised of two WAPC members and two ECW members, will choose ten pieces for reading at the meeting. The accompanying photo will be digitally displayed on the screen while the author reads the words inspired by the photo. All submissions, however, will be on display at the meeting and will be eligible for entry in the People’s Choice awards selected by attendees. Winning entries and photographs will be featured in the Emerald Coast Review XXII, a regional anthology published by Emerald Coast Writers.

More for information contact Dahlhaus at 603-969-9775 or email her at

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