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Mary Gutierrez

Mary Gutierrez

Mary Gutierrez is a Latina and Indigenous writer. She has been published in numerous local and national poetry zines and magazines. She has one self-published book, "Naked in the Rain" and is currently working on two more poetry books/chapbooks for publication. She is an Environmental Scientist by profession and passion, which is often reflected in some of her writings.

Naked in the Rain
“Naked in the Rain” is Mary’s first book of poems compiled for publication. These poems are reflections written on her life as she journeys through spiritual growth and the human experience. Although most of the poems go back several years, through the 1980’s and 1990’s (the loss of her mother June 9, 1993), the newest of poems are about the loss of her Father (May 9, 2012). The first section, Hope & Sorrow, touches on love and loss as well as healing and acceptance. These poems convey that although we might be dealing with great heartache and sadness, the world is still beautiful and that a person’s inner strength allows them to overcome and move forward. Love and loss is also addressed in Love & Other Things, the books second section, yet also addresses some of the relationships the author has had with a few of the men in her life. Still searching for “the one”, “Tragic Me” focuses on the struggle to meet a quality guy as the years go by. “Bad Attitude” puts a humorous, although dark, spin on inflicting heart ache on someone who has broken your heart. These are just two of the eleven poems in this section. The book’s third section, Heaven & Earth, addresses the struggle between the spirit and the flesh and the evolution of a spiritual being. This section embraces the struggle that all evolved persons deal with. Reconciling this struggle, the syncing of the spirit and flesh, allows us to live a harmonious life. The first poem of the section, “Lily White”, however, has more of a religious tone and is loosely based on the theory that Lilith was actually the first woman, not Eve. The fourth section, the last section, Peace & Serenity, goes further with acceptance of the syncing of the spirit and flesh. It also toys with the possibility of there is no such thing as coincidences, that our lives are predetermined before our spirits enter into the flesh. We have chosen these lives for the lessons that we learn. We are here for a reason and a purpose. The book is about love, growth, and embracing all that is beautiful about life and yourself.


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