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Lori O'Gara

Lori O'Gara

Lori O’Gara is a writer of contemporary fiction, fantasy, and real-life commentary. She is an advocate of human decency, believes that magic is real and love is a gift from the Devine. Lori is happiest with her feet in the sugar white sand on the coast of the Gulf of Mexico. When not at the beach, writing or reading, she can be found wandering the stacks in her library, watching Doctor Who or spending time with her family. A large blended family that consists of six children, seven grandchildren and one dog named Harley Quinn.

What do you believe in? Open your mind to possibility. The possibility that there is a loving God who wants to be known. The possibility that there is another way to serve God, love humans, and live your faith than what you think you know. In short chapters, this book explores the concept of belief from a unique perspective that challenges you to broaden your belief in God, love, Jesus and truth.

Christian Faith

The Travelers' Song
Life is the most powerful of all forces in the universe. It will survive any obliteration. Life on Earth, unforgiving and beautifully dangerous, is not the same as it was four thousand years ago. Technology dependent humans lost control and as a result, almost destroyed themselves. In this age, knowledge is currency. Technology is magic. Evolution prevails. A group of travelers on a mission of the Seven Kingdoms in search of the greatest food of the lands. It is a covert mission. They are spies searching out the remnants of technology for the self-proclaimed Emperor. Together they must face the evil that lurks in this world of unknown risks to find the good that remains.
Band of Travelers (From the cookbook) The five of us set off on what we thought would be an easy journey. As it turns out it became an adventure of a life time. Johan, Wandalor, Dar, and Thalin and of course me, Gadlin, we all came from different backgrounds. We were thrown together by fate and circumstance. This story started in the same place where many institutions we hold dear started. It started in a bar. I found myself in a tavern in a dark village on the edge of chaos. I had been sent on a quest by the Lord of the city state of Emeranthia. He had ordered me to discover and record the best food preparation techniques of the seven kingdoms. I was in the pub of Enar Lefthand to observe the native faire. He was a blacksmith that lost his hand in an accident. He was called Enar Lefthand because that was all he had left. The local magistrate and leaders of this town were on the verge of war amongst themselves. As an outsider, I sat in a dark corner trying to get my fill of ale and remain inconspicuous. An assembly of large road filthy mongers stomped in to the tavern swearing and grabbing at wenches. They threw over tables and pushed the resident men off bar stools. They were taking advantage of the fact that the town was in a state of division already. They sought to loot the village of its riches, beer, and women. Dar, never one to back down from a conflict drew his sword first. Then Thalin, Johan, and Wandalor. I watched from the shadows arguing in my mind. I did not want to get involved but I knew those four fighters stood little chance achieve victory against the six men twice their size. My sense of honor did not allow me to stand by but for a minute. I took off my cloak and drew my blade. As I stood a large burly character come from Thalin’s left unseen by him. I struck the thug as Thalin turned in surprise. “Thank you, Sir,” he said. “Call me Gadlin.” I answered as another beastly man attacked us. The five of us fought until the last of the scoundrels retreated. Thus, through the mutual respect earned in defending the helpless town, we forged our friendships. The night we decided to record the recipes from our travels was warm and humid as this band for travelers sat around the fire not for warmth but for light and protections. Some night creatures shy away from fire light. Johan had his blade in his hands and was methodically sliding it across a wet stone pausing only slightly ever few minutes to pour water out of his canteen to moisten the stone as it dried. Thalin sat to his right organizing the contents of his satchel taking inventory of his potions and herbs. Across the other side of the fire was Dar reading the map looking at possible routes to continue the journey at dawn, no later as the enemy would be looking to find them in the day light. I was laying on my back meditating and listening to the laminations of the forest as I tried to rest and regain strength from the day’s trials. Wandalor was sitting to my left reading a found book of spells. Every few minutes he would humph at the simplicity of the crude incantations. He needed no such book to preform magical acts and thought it funny that the human that Johan stole the book from thought it such a prize possession. Around the fires this band of brother fighters recounted the challenges of the past few weeks. We had seen ogres and monsters of unimaginable evil. We had saved many an innocent life from certain death and saved each other in the process. With Dar leading the charge in to battles that often lent us to exhaustion afterwards. It was worth the fight. Insuring that good prevailed was always worth the energy it took to defeat the malicious in this world. This we all agreed as truth. There was not always consensus in the group but the destruction of vile, the protection of innocence, the need of good food and good drink while traveling was something we always agreed upon.


The Extant
The greatest scientific minds of the world have been wrong. There is and has always been more than one species, of human. Homo erectus, Homo habilis and Homo floresiensis all extinct and evolved into Homo Sapiens or so we thought? Breezy Martan is proof that humans are still evolving. With silvery hair, alabaster skin and violet eyes, she is fairytale perfect. When Breezy sees her reflection, all she sees is freakish ugliness. Jack Duran lives a secret life. He is a successful artist, but no one knows his name except his agent. By remaining anonymous, Jack can paint and live his life his way. He doesn’t have to worry about anyone, including his ex-wife, wanting him solely for what he provides. Jack likes his solidarity existence. All of that changes, when Jack meets Breezy, the most beautiful creature on the planet, a creature on the run. To save her, Jack will have to leave the protection of anonymity. Will Jack save the elf girl from being destroyed in the name of genetic research?

Science Fiction

We Will Get There
We Will Get There is a turbulent adventure of the past and present hold of a mysterious place on Krystal Sabine. For Krystal, Perdido Key was home, a place that brought order into her life. It was where ghosts walked the beaches and the past never died. When Tennessee cowboy William Porter blows into her life and threatens to disrupt that home, Krystal must brave her feelings for him, her tangled past, and unknown conspiracies to save the Key and her own life from being torn apart. William has a conflict of his own, his vow of celibacy to God and his desire for the woman in blue. Can Krystal's heart survive a darker secret hiding beneath it all, standing between her and true love?
“Ah, Starlight Lake.” Krystal nodded. “Well, I did not know that it has a name, but that sure fits the place. It was just starting to get dark as I parked the cart and walked out on the pier. I had that ‘hair rising on the neck’ feeling that I was not alone, so I decided to go. As I turned to walk back to shore, I felt heat behind me like someone had turned a huge heat lamp on my back. I turned, prepared to shield my eyes, but even though it was bright I could look at it without difficulty. “There in the middle of the light was a Native American woman standing at the end of the pier, facing me and smiling. She had beautiful, long black hair and some sort of traditional dress on with beads and feathers. She was exquisite, Krystal, divine like no person I have ever seen. She didn’t speak but she spread her arms in a welcoming way.” William demonstrated, lifting his arms. “Then she fell back into the water and disappeared into the light. There was no ripple or splash; she was just gone.” “You saw the woman of the lake,” Krystal explained. “That is considered good luck, William. I have wanted my whole life to see her, but she never shows herself to me.” “Something spoke to me. I heard it in my ears but in my spirit, too. The voice said that God was in everything; the lake, the sand, the plants, and the waves, in the magic, in all of nature. This is His land. I can’t put it into words; it just felt right.” William wiped his eyes and smiled at Krystal. “It is magic here.” He reached out to hold Krystal ’s hands. “Krystal, you feel the magic and I think I had a small taste as to what you experience. I am amazed at the sight of you. I miss you when we are apart and I can’t see living another day without you in my life. I want you in my family and, yes, I want you in my bed. Marry me, tonight or tomorrow, but marry me fast.” William pulled a loose ring from his shirt pocket. It was a simple one, a half-karat diamond solitaire set in yellow gold. The firelight bounced off the facets in the dark, flashing brilliantly. Krystal looked deep into his eyes. “You don’t know the truth about me. I made you a promise to tell you everything, William Porter, and I have to keep that promise.” “All right, Krystal. Tell me your secrets.” “I was in love one time in my life. He was, is, my soul mate. I cannot fully commit to you, no matter how much I want to. I can’t give you something that doesn’t belong to me. He has my heart and he has had it for many years. Let’s walk and let me explain …” Krystal began to tell William her story.

Women's Fiction

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