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Life in the Time of Corona

What to Do

Charlotte Crane

Charlotte Crane is a former business editor and columnist for Pensacola News Journal and a former Northwest Florida correspondent for Florida Trend magazine. She has a bachelor’s and a master’s degree in journalism from University of Wisconsin. Published works include poetry and short stories, a family memoir, a history of Pensacola Habitat for Humanity and a book of short fiction entitled The Tales of Aunt Maddy.

What do you do when

you can’t do anything

except sit around the house

‘cause it’s dangerous out there?

I found a fallen magnolia blossom this morning

on the squirrels’ lunch table out back,

and brought it inside…

and it’s given the kitchen a lovely smell.

(My success of the day!)

I played a game of solitaire

on the dining room table:

(I lost).

I called my relative

who’s having a birthday today,

(She wasn’t home.)

I fed a pack of cats with

nowhere else to go;

(We meowed.)

and I wrote some checks

to mail when I dare slip

them in the PO slot

(when I get the face mask I ordered.)

Might as well read the book

the library just renewed, by phone.

(It was already overdue.)

Me too.

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