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Life in the Time of Corona

Viral Hunt

John Gibson

John Gibson is the author of three novels: Patriot Victory, Painkiller, and Soul Sprints – the latter of which won the Grand Prize in the 2018 Words Matter Publishing Holiday Book Contest; and one work of poetry, titled Arduous Vales. You can learn more about him and his work at and find him on Facebook (“John W. Gibson, Author”).

“Immuno-compromised, orphaned-at-12-by-sickness”

Sits brooding at the window,

Staring into an uncertain universe;

Anxiety rising like the

Heat wave brought on by early Spring and Summer;

Her mind a frail admixture

Of pain-stricken, doleful memories

Fueling the turmoil of today.

“Recovering, relapsing, needs-to-keep-busy”

Ambles by

In search of something to kill the idleness –

And just maybe stave off that hard-liquor demon once more.

A can of paint for that drab-colored garage,

Or a box of nails,

Anything to thwart the ol’ Beam bottle.

“Immuno-compromised” bellows

That now-common refrain about “staying home” –

About “doing your part” …and other choice daggers

Meant to drive home the point – and drive in pain.

“Recovering” is now, in earnest, recovering,

This time with the added handicap

Of weighty expectations of the masses upon him;

Vile words and hurts transferred – shared – between broken people,

Beings united by pain, and not humanity.

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