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Life in the Time of Corona

Post-Covid Paradise

Claire Massey

Claire Massey is Poet Laureate for Pensacola Pen Women. She served on the editorial board of the Emerald Coast Review in 2019. In 2020, she has work appearing or forthcoming in Persimmon Tree, The Avalon Literary Review, The Dead Mule, and Panoply.

Though I did admire the artistry

of costumed humanity, the sunny arc of beads

defying gravity,

the raucous throng of carnival,

the collective roar of Mardi Gras

was not my Shangri-la.

My idea of paradise was                        

an umbrella drink on an empty beach,                            

a day alone writing to my heart’s content,

a solo voyage on a Sunfish,

the thrill of distance diminishing

hails from a crowded shore.

Now, heaven would be a parade,

friends hugging,

strangers’ shoulders touching,

hands joining ‘round the same shiny throw,

then swiftly spreading

open-throated, open-handed

letting go.

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