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Life in the Time of Corona

Old School Dream

Claire Massey

Claire Massey is Poet Laureate for Pensacola Pen Women. She served on the editorial board of the Emerald Coast Review in 2019. In 2020, she has work appearing or forthcoming in Persimmon Tree, The Avalon Literary Review, The Dead Mule, and Panoply.

COVID-19 rages like a tyrannical

stepfather who buzz cuts his hair,

embraces wrath of God doctrine,

grounds you for the slightest infraction,

an unchaperoned date, wine on your breath,

a seconds late curfew violation.

Last night I dreamed

I was retro living

in the Age of Aquarius.

In the garden of our college commons,

my boyfriend kissed me

with unconstrained passion

while gently stoned friends smiled

at him in his surplus bell bottoms,

at me with my waterfall hair,

so abundant.

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