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Life in the Time of Corona


Lori Zavada

Lori Zavada is a writer for a local behavioral health organization and a graduate of the University of West Florida. Her work has been featured in Pensacola News Journal and USA Today. Her stories are published in the Emerald Coast Review, Tallahassee Family and Bella magazine.

During the pandemic,

A dam broke and hearts stood still,

Funerals were halted,

Hugging was halted,

Celebrations were halted,

Gigs were halted,

Jobs were halted,

Life was a rusty gear,

That’s when you died,

Just went to sleep and didn’t wake up,

Your dear friend wrote a tribute,

We penned the virtual petition,

Maybe a monument will keep you alive,

You sang a river,

And we are forever changed,

Eight feet this side of you,

Crouched in our nooks behind masks,

We are distracted by life and death,

Pandemic or not we know we won’t be spared,

But if we listen we can follow the melody.

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