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Life in the Time of Corona

Coastal Intruder

Alice Oberhausen

Alice Oberhausen has been a restaurant manager and caterer, a contracting officer at NAS Pensacola, retiring in 2011, and maintains a consulting business mentoring small businesses. She is an artist whose work has been exhibited at Pensacola Museum of Art and Artel Gallery, and has begun to write poetry.

                             There is a new flower I see in my garden

                            I did not plant it but it is there spreading its tendrils

                            Among the others, silently tightening its grip  

                            Without pardon.


                            It chokes the aroma of my flowers from the air

                            It erases the taste of life from my heart.

                            This small new orb dominates and controls,

                            Handmaiden of Odin.


                            Yet I shall prevail in destroying the invader

                            That seeks to be a new boarder in my world,

                            Confident that it shall not create a new order.


                            The fight is on, a victory to be won

                            Although alone, I raise my hoe and strike the foe.

                            Lifting my voice to the Son who reigns over the enemy

                            I put an end to the tendency to doubt that life will prevail.

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