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Life in the Time of Corona

Chronicle of Fools

Ryn Holmes

In her eighth decade, award-winning poet and mixed-media photographer Ryn Holmes originated from the bottom and top of California before finding her way to the Florida Gulf Coast. She is a partner in K & K Writing Services, co-editor of Panoply ezine; her written work and visual art have appeared in galleries as well as print and online journals.

Blinds raised inches from the sill reveal

legs ambling past the cuckoo’s nest,

solo jeans and shorts a-stroll

preamble to a game of chance –

absolute risk the ultimate gamble

in unpeopled silence.

The king regnant in cap and bells

tricks the crowd,

gatherers of sticks and stones.

Unburied bones

shift in twilight, drift,

to fall away.

Trust is an enormous no.

In this new age unpent

fear spreads like water,

village idiots ignore common sense,

hope for miracles, for a past returning

predictable familiarities of the gone-by.

Taunting the hungry hunter,

they fall, wait for the fever

the cough

the breathless wonder of death

the slow turn to dust

that brings a final good night.

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