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Life in the Time of Corona

America is on Life Support; Prognosis Poor

Lisa Rawson

Lisa Rawson is a retired Navy Human Resource Officer and community activist; she served on the Veteran Memorial Park Board and is the current president for the West Florida Literary Federation, a swim instructor, and after-school teacher at Creative Learning Academy. Rawson received her real estate license in 2019. She is the mother of four: children; Monica, a veterinarian; Michael, math PhD candidate; Mason, computer engineer with a start-up company; and Marshall, senior at UF. Go Gators!

Our beloved Democracy is being tested

Peaceful protestors are being gassed and arrested

We are in a nasty Covid -19 Pandemic

With healthcare problems that run deep and are systemic

Our politicians are not worthy of our trust

Our police and economic systems are far from just

How memorable is this summer of 2020

Wearing face masks and hand washing are key

To keeping healthy and not spreading disease

We must bury our face in our elbow when we sneeze

Our Democracy cannot breathe

Our Uninsured and hard working minorities and immigrants are being forced to leave

Is there anywhere safe to go?

The answer is a resounding NO

Why are so many Americans full of hate?

Our diversity and unity is that which makes America great

Racism, sexism and inequality are universally wrong

Let’s turn this around and write a new song

One that allows everyone to know they belong

Before all the good accomplishments we had are gone

Forgiveness and generosity with healing for all

Respect and kindness are the medicine for America stand tall

To lead this world into 2021 and beyond

We must stop police brutality and all that we know is wrong

So everyone in America can feel safe and breathe again

Let’s welcome in a new era where ALL are friends

United we stand undivided with liberty and justice for all

We need peace on earth so let’s stop building more walls

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