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Life in the Time of Corona

A 71 and A Muted Life

Patricia Edmisten

In her eighth decade, award-winning poet and mixed-media photographer Ryn Holmes originated from the bottom and top of California before finding her way to the Florida Gulf Coast. She is a partner in K & K Writing Services, co-editor of Panoply ezine; her written work and visual art have appeared in galleries as well as print and online journals.

Patricia Edmisten is retired from the University of West Florida where she directed the office of International Education and Programs. Her two years in Peru as a Peace Corps volunteer influenced the direction of her life. She is a social justice activist and the author of eight books.


A71 by Ryn Holmes

Life now is muted, subdued,

like an out-of-focus photo

or seeing a masterpiece through a veil

like breathing country-fresh air through a mask

or seeing the shadow of a tree on a gray winter day

like a melody you can’t quite retrieve

or twilight sleep during surgery

like a term paper you’ll never finish

or a plot you can’t follow

like a virus that endures.

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