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Lost Scrolls of Archimedes

Tom Roberts

Lost Scrolls of Archimedes

Join the action in Lost Scrolls of Archimedes, a science-based adventure of history that might have been. Set in Cleopatra’s Egypt, it is a coming-of-age story of a young scholar forced out of the dusty library and onto the world stage of a Roman civil war with the winner taking the rich lands of Egypt.

Alexandria, Egypt, 34 BC. Marcus Bassus dreams of a life of intellectual pursuits. Entrusted by his missing mentor with the enigmatic scrolls of Archimedes, he resolves to prove his worth by decoding the complex documents on his own. But when a close friend betrays him and steals one of the scrolls, Marcus vows to prevent its secrets from falling into the corrupt hands of Roman Consul Octavian.

Devastated when the Romans assassinate his father, but aided by the smart and alluring linguist, Electra, Marcus works furiously to recover the lost scroll. And after learning Octavian plans to use the ill-gotten information to construct the ultimate weapon against Antony and Cleopatra, he realizes he is Egypt’s only hope.

Marcus crosses desert sands and turbulent seas in a quest to build a counter-weapon in time to stave off Roman conquest.

Tom Roberts’ award-winning Lost Scrolls of Archimedes is a coming-of-age story and the first book in the action-packed Lost Artifacts historical fiction saga. If you like ancient-world adventures, scholarly heroes, and well-researched settings, you’ll love Tom Roberts’ epic struggle for supremacy.

"This novel deals with timeless issues; the power of knowledge to be used for good or evil; the struggle for power and supremacy by leaders; the issue of slavery and how to end it; trust in a relationship. The blend of fiction and historical fact is believable." - Royal Palm Literary Award

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Lost Scrolls of Archimedes

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