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Oil Spill on Beach 50.jpg

The Spill

Pensacola Beach

Laurie Hardway

Laurie Hardway is originally from Cleveland, Ohio and studied English literature at Hiram College before earning a Master of Arts in Teaching from Kent State University. While teaching high school English, Laurie has lived in Washington State and Florida and has spent the last three years in Japan. She enjoys spending time with her family, photography, and traveling. In addition, some of her writing is being submitted to various poetry contests.

you forget--

as feet sink into white sand--

crushed quartz from the Appalachians

carried by the Mississippi

before people walked the land--

you forget--

as emerald waves sparkle the shore--

salty seas travel through oceans

circulated by currents

established since ice age lore.

you forget--

with the cattails swaying--

blown by wind,

the distant hurricanes swirling

near the coast of Africa, waiting.

you forget--

until you can't forget anymore

when your feet disturb unseen horror.

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