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Oil Spill on Beach 50.jpg

The Spill

Our Loss

Sheila Grieco

Sheila Grieco of Ocean Springs, MS, is a member of Gulf Coast Writers Association and has had poems and short stories published in The Magnolia Quarterly. She is also a member of The Mississippi Poetry Society – South Branch and received third prize in a state competition of The Mississippi Poetry Society. She earned an honorable mention in a literary competition by Writers Unlimited for a short story titled The Christmas Caper. She can be contacted at

I dream of crystal waters wide

Colored blue ‘neath unspoiled sky.

Gentle, peaceful, warm and soothing

With all its sea life ever moving.


Now awake, tears fill my eyes.

I ache because I realize

It’s just a dream and it is gone.

No one but God can know how long.


A Rorschach inkblot fouls our shore,

Threatens bayous, our bays and more

Sea life snuffed with blackened crud.

Our Coastal life can lose its blood.


Now all I hear and visualize

Are saddened souls with wretched cries.

Their tears can never wash away

The damage that’s been done today.

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