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The Spill

Brutal Performance

Cathy Ncube

Cathy Ncube lives in Pensacola, FL. She has worked as computer software programmer/analyst, visiting instructor and assistant professor in computer science. She is married and has three grown children. She has written short plays/skits/poems for her church and articles for academia. Cathy enjoys writing poetry based on biblical scriptures, current events, American history, social and international issues. She can be reached at

Broken             “Perfect”

Blowout            Preventer

Billowing           Petroleum

Burning             Profusely

Bodies                Paining

Burning              Peeling

Bleeding            Pleading

Buried                Passing

Blighted             Preserve

Bayous               Profaned

Beaches             Polluted

Biosphere          Poisoned

Banned              Products

Boats                 Parked

Businesses          Pinched

Breadwinners     Penniless

Beleaguered       President

Bluntly                Proposed

“Billions              Promptly”

BP                      Provided

British                Petroleum

Blind                 Profiteers

Bloody              Pumpers


British               Petroleum

Broke                Permits

Betrayed          Public


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