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The Spill


Cathy Ncube

Cathy Ncube lives in Pensacola, FL. She has worked as computer software programmer/analyst, visiting instructor and assistant professor in computer science. She is married and has three grown children. She has written short plays/skits/poems for her church and articles for academia. Cathy enjoys writing poetry based on biblical scriptures, current events, American history, social and international issues. She can be reached at

an acronym poem

B lundering, selfish, oil drilling profiteers

R isked people, nature and wildlife without fears

I  ncredibly “safe” rig exploded offshore

T he Deepwater Horizon cracked the seafloor

I  ndispensable blowout preventer failed

S plattering gallons that could not be curtailed

H orrid violations caused this fatal blast

P olicy corruption left us all aghast

E leven buried in deepwater so cold

T heir lives were more precious than spewing black gold

R escued workers were thankful to be alive--

O vercome with grief for those who did not survive

L awmakers held hearings for cause and for blame

E dgy CEOs denied fault, with no shame

U nparalleled oil spill slowed down life’s pace

M eager recovery plans--senseless disgrace

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