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Life in the Time of Corona

Phantom Freedom

John Gibson

John Gibson is the author of three novels: Patriot Victory, Painkiller, and Soul Sprints – the latter of which won the Grand Prize in the 2018 Words Matter Publishing Holiday Book Contest; and one work of poetry, titled Arduous Vales. You can learn more about him and his work at and find him on Facebook (“John W. Gibson, Author”).

A ghost-like bug roams,

Its float-abouts unknown,

And yet its every perceived move

Turns a knob in the minds of vain and aspiring men,

Which in turn tightens a figurative noose…

…around us,

…around our people,

…around our industrious acts,

…around our comings and goings,

…around our very subsistence,

…but mostly around an illusion.

Lamentably, it’s only in crisis

When you learn just how free you are not;

How in possession of your destiny you are not;

How warmly within the hearts of villains you are valued…not.

Our freedom – like the bug we call “Corona” – is phantom-like,

Its essence fading, melding…

Into and out of existence, as our death knell – and that of our liberty – materializes.

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