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Life in the Time of Corona

Only 2 Things

Mandy Fernandez

Mandy Fernandez is a writer, editor and author in Pensacola. She writes creatively and professionally on topics of business, education, arts, health, family life, parenting and natural foods. Her first children’s book, Kazoo Makes The Team, was released in 2016. Learn more at

“I can only think of two things,” she said.

“What two things did you think of?” I asked, clueless.

“There’s only been two good things that have happened to me this year,” she replied.

I pause. I lose my breath for a moment. I look at her in surprise and wonder what’s on her mind.

She smiles a sad smile. She names her two things.“I’ve become closer with my sister.” That’s one.

“I made a new friend, online, Lydia.” That’s two.

Her words cause a small crack in my heart.

She is turning 13 in a few days. This should be a wonderful time.

I feel so old and tired this year. Some days I hang on by a thread.

I forget how patient she has been through this pandemic.

I stay busy taking care of all the necessary things or worrying.

She is looking at me for comfort. She is awaiting a response.

I think quickly, trying to gather my racing thoughts.

“Well, the year’s not over yet,” I say hopeful. “I’m sure you’ll get number three.”

I smile at her, hoping my smile doesn’t look sad too.

Hoping that she’ll believe me. That I believe me too.

I leave the room and say my prayer. I repeat it.

Dear God, please, let there be a third good thing for her.

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