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Life in the Time of Corona

Blindly It Slays Thee

Patrick Cochran

Patrick Cochran received his Ph.D. in Organizational Systems from Saybrook Graduate School. Dr. Cochran’s poetic efforts began in the 1960’s. Three of his poems were published in the 1985 Loma Linda University literary journal Discourse. He has published four books of poetry, since retiring in 2015.

Concealed yet empowered

Blindly it slays thee

Calling you to plead

Snaking through the Labyrinth

Although you may still take a breath

What remains has changed

You before its own

Invisible yet potent

Blindly it slays thee

Calling you to accede

Winding down those narrow paths

Between the cells of heart and soul

Only death can set you free

Yours or its own

Veiled yet forceful

Blindly it slays thee

Calling you to concede

Twisting through the maze

Seeking targets unconvinced . . . exposed  

And those void of immunity

You are now its own

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