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Life in the Time of Corona

A View of the Stars

Andrea Jones Walker

Andrea Jones Walker lives in Pensacola and is a longtime member of the West Florida Literary Federation and editor of The Legend. She is co-editor of Panoply, an online ezine at Her books are available on Amazon. She loves the beach and spending time with her grandsons.

“We are living through a major period of change in science, a paradigm shift from the idea of nature as inanimate and mechanical to a new understanding of nature as organic and alive.”- Rupert Sheldrake

Remember a time you gazed at the night sky

undimmed by city lights?

Perhaps you were on a ship at sea

or in the desert, or on a mountain top.

The Milky Way swirled with boldness.

You might have felt breathless or small,

awed by the glittery beauty,

amazed to see these thousands of pinpoints

inconceivably far away and

know there is nothing between us and them.

The path is filled with only dark matter.


The night after Pensacola battled

Hurricane Ivan,

the town lay in darkness,

and the stars looked down on us.

What did they see?

What do they see now as

we wage yet another battle with nature?


For nature lives and breathes in myriad forms—

planets, hurricanes, viruses, stars—

as surely as we do.

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