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Oil Spill on Beach 50.jpg

The Spill


Garry Breland

Garry Breland is a native Mississippian who spent much of his life out of the south. His day job is academic vice president at William Carey University, in Hattiesburg, MS. He and his wife (a college English teacher) have two children and two grandchildren.

Dinosaurs for many eons ruled

This planet eating from its vegetation

Dying all, they had a transformation

Pooled within the ground they turned to fuel

Carbon storage captured from the sun

For the race of men who think they’re wiser

Punching holes in earth to find a geyser

An industrial revolution had begun

No matter what, sometimes we’re going to spill it

‘Cause wells and ships and pipes will ever fail

We blame the oilmen, at our leaders rail

But when my tank is dry, I want to fill it

Thunder lizards roam the land once more

And leave their oily footprints on our shore.

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