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March 2024 Monthly Meeting and Open Mic

March 19, 2024 at 11:30:00 PM

March 2024 Monthly Meeting and Open Mic


Clark Family Cultural Center

Toby Dorr will join us in March. 

Toby Dorrdared the unthinkable. She broke a convicted murderer out of Lansing Correctional Facility. Since completing her time in Federal Prison, she has achieved two master’s degrees and rebuilt a broken life. Featured in the Wall Street Journal, Anderson Cooper, Brooke Baldwin, Inside Edition, The Atlantic, and Dateline, she is a regular guest on podcasts, including the nationally-ranked podcast Criminal. A screenplay of her story is in the works, and the Lifetime movie based on her story, Jailbreak Lovers, was released in July of 2022.

Through her memoir, Living with Conviction, Dorr takes readers through all the heart-pounding, tear-jerking, heartbreaking, eye-opening experiences that touch the most primal human need: the need to be significant. A fascinating prison tale, through the lens of love, inspires change.

Her story is a lesson in perspective. Instead of focusing on everything she lost, Dorr made a conscious choice to use her twenty-seven months in prison as a period to reflect on her life, heal emotional wounds, plot a course for the future, and embrace the sisterhood of women she encountered behind bars. Filled with drama, action, adventure, heartache, and redemption, Dorr bears her soul and tells a story of heartbreak, courage, grace, and transformation. And today, Dorr advocates for prison reform and reintegration programs.

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